25% annual buyback program from  the total sold supply of tokens at the rate of 0.0032 Eth for the first year and a 10%  interest for every new year. Thus, our Token Levblockchain LVE will avoid inflation and will be properly managed and stored.

The Buy-back smart contract will be published (deployed) before our ICO and once our public sale reach its funding goal, DAO will hold the amount raised from the crowdsale and send the amount of ETH needed for the first year’s buy-back smart contract effective immediately.

LVE represents utility shares of our

Ecosystem. Further-more, our token will be used by holders to have voting rights about our organization and ecosystem’s opinions and decisions.

DAO, Founders, start-ups and token bounties will hold the 50% of the total supply as a long term maturing investment. By this, we empower long-term investors to believe in LVE, considering the fact the more and more projects will be born and will need support by our DAO.

Once the first buy-back smart contract reach the amount of tokens to be bought back (25% of total tokens sold) or the time limit (14 days) then the new buy-back smart contract will be published at 0.0032 ETH +10% interest rate.