Levblockchain LVE about & updates

Levblockchain LVE about

We are “Levblockchain LVE” a projects development seed phase startup with our own “DAO” and “LVE” erc-20 token with also voting capability among others.

Mostly working as virtual offices-remotely and we continue to expand our remote but best of quality workforce of freelancers , contributors and auditors, as we are open minded without having any borders or any other restrictions.

Our project was founded at 2018 as an idea and build one and a half year back , and at the second quarter of 2020 started as a seed phase startup offering our services and bootstrapping to sustain slow and steady growth , with almost no marketing capital allocation , but this must and will be changed soon and effectively.

Currently our divisions are servicing globally I.T. , blockchain & smart contracts , software & application solutions , academic remote support , also starting to participate as a contractor for governmental municipalities and states contracts for software , applications and virtual projects development.

We are looking forward to make more partnerships , affiliates and cooperations with other companies and even further by adding more professions , remote workforce and acquire real world assets and companies(also tokenize them, wherever possible) in the near future , helping us expand beyond expectations our ecosystem , services but also different sectors and thus grow customer acquisition but also their quality user experience.

Exchange listing is a very important and serious situation for us but also for participants and we must be very carefull about the approach for the potential deal and arrangements to be balanced and beneficial for all parties involved and growth expansion.

We already have the demand and arrangements with many exchanges looking the best setup and deal for the potential cooperation-listing in the very near future for our 1st funding round-IEO , currently we have our strict private token vesting and offering.

“Bounty” will be distributed by the time of listing processes being arranged and properly set.
Contributors will be contacted for further information about distribution , however we will be more than pleased if you contact us by email for direct information.

We would like to thank you all for supporting us all this time .

Keep HODLING and we will keep you posted for our updates.

WARNING: Since we never gone public or do an ICO or else so far , we REVISED our organization plans, we would like you to know that our project’s plans , pitch , paper etc in the Crypto -ico etc calendar sites are outdated.