Levblockchain “LVE” Projects Management & Development

Our divisions can build your needs, ideas and projects into solutions that require highly specialized skills, starting from the simplest personal websites or applications to the most demanding custom software development and blockchain solutions – smart contracts – Dapps, servicing B2B and participation for tender contracts, to also provide (but not limited to) human resources – quality freelance workforce for freelance & academic tasks support & solutions for students, individuals and small businesses.

We are growing and expanding our activities by building divisions in key sectors and services, partnerships which we have engaged in. We are focused in various key sectors globally, by research and development , by nurturing, building ventures and syndications for our corporate restructuring strategies and activities for more added value to our ecosystem.

Levblockchain LVE business startup model building block by block

“Levblockchain LVE” – projects management and development – is our blockchain – based decentralized part of our ecosystem, a part of experimenting, providing support, services and blockchain and smart contracts development through our divisions, having our erc-20 “Levblockchain LVE” token and a basic version of our token voting and holdings DAO.

Levblockchain lve team is committed to our long-term targets, expansion, that has already brought a strong and growing ecosystem.

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