Levblockchain LVE token and the Levblockchain LVE basic Dao contract.

By leveraging blockchain we aim to tokenize assets and holdings to track activities, and reflect the value of the ecosystem and management as a whole into its basic Levblockchain LVE holdings DAO contract, as well as the managing token Levblockchain “LVE”.

Will hold the projects developed, divisions and acquired companies created tokens locked as a holder in our basic Dao contract if needed and beneficial for the ecosystem, however there will always be traditional corporate structure and regulation for the ecosystem.

The total value of all the divisions and their tokens will reflect on the LVE Dao’s and the Levblockchain LVE token’s as a whole, “LVE” holdings structure in real life businesses almost tethered with our Dao’s ecosystem whereas tokenization is possible and if beneficial.

Exchange listing of the token is a very important situation for us but also for participants and we must be very carefull about the approach for the potential deal and arrangements to be balanced and beneficial in the long term, for all parties involved and growth expansion.

We already have the demand and we are in talks and arrangements with many top exchanges, looking the best of the best setup and deal for the potential long term, “exclusive” cooperation and listing.

Token Name : Levblockchain

Token Symbol : “LVE”

Total Fixed Supply : 108,000,000

Token Address : 0xa93f28cca763e766f96d008f815adaab16a8e38b

Decimals : 18

Type : Erc-20

Platform : Ethereum

Private Offer Value : 0.20$

For further information, cooperation, contribution, contact us at: info@lveblockchain.org

Levblockchain LVE media