Ico Rating agencies Levblockchain “LVE” profiles, exchange offering and info.

Moving forward with expansionary moves, diversification and restructuring of our interests and activities, we restructure our team, associates, and professionals capable of the global scaling strategies of our divisions’ activities for strong dynamics and long-term high-value, projections and returns.

We are still considering our token offering, exchange listing, for partial funding along with various financial instruments future issuance for our corporate strategies, private corporate group structure fundraising – funding round for institutional investors, H.N.W., Sophisticated individual investors pool, for capital commitments .

We still do not directly disclose our moves in general and especially before an ico or public offering of all forms, close associates, and/or limited partners can have information that is disclosed in general at this phase.

If you represent exchange platforms, feel free to connect, contact us and send us your custom offer (we can do exclusive also, if there is a right setup offer), although there might be a strong incentive for us to be listed in general. (custom long-term cooperation offers – no upfronts).

If you represent an ico rating agency, feel free to update our profile on your website with the correct updated information provided throughout website’s contents, do not hesitate to contact us for further information.
Our profiles on the ico rating websites are completely outdated.

If it is in your interest, contact us for further information and customized arrangements of cooperation or investment of any form.

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