Levblockchain “lve” About

Development of Scalable Projects, Ventures in Key Sectors.

Building scalable projects, divisions in key sectors globally, by research and development, Nurturing ventures and syndications for our corporate strategies, and current participation filling for “Gov.Tech.” government contracting interests in Europe, to expand our scalable ecosystem.

Tokenized divisions DAO, Blockchain Tracking & Smart Contracts.

“Levblockchain LVE” is our “MVP”, a blockchain – based decentralized part of our ecosystem, a part of experimenting blockchain and smart contracts development, having our erc-20 “Levblockchain LVE” token, voting, and holdings DAO.

By leveraging blockchain we aim to tokenize assets and holdings, to track activities, and reflect the value of the ecosystem and management as a whole, into its basic Levblockchain LVE holdings DAO contract, as well as the managing token Levblockchain “LVE”, Fractionalized ownership may be beneficial for future development scenarios.

Developed projects, divisions and acquired companies, tokenized assets, created tokens, will be locked as holdings, in our basic Dao contract, if needed and beneficial for the ecosystem, however there will always be traditional corporate structure and regulation for the ecosystem.

Growth & Inorganic Growth.

Our target to expand globally, bringing together extremely talented, highly experienced, executives, non-execs to form our board of directors and associates, and undertake successful corporate development, restructuring strategies, inorganic growth, to acquire established businesses in key sectors, creating added value for the ecosystem and mutually benefiting from their activities, thus upgrading revenue and profit margins for our group and holdings until future mid – long term exit markets scenario.

Contact us: info@lveblockchain.org

Social Media & Contact info.: https://linktr.ee/levblockchain_lve

Founder Takvor Arakelian contact and media : https://linktr.ee/TakvorArakelian

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