“LVEPF” Private Fund

We Are Privately Raising Capital – Fundraising

Quality limited partners–investors can commit capital, participate in our private limited holdings company funding round, mid-long term fund for our mergers and acquisitions, leveraged buyouts strategy, to acquire small to mid-sized (above 2$mln to 25$mln as a starting point) established businesses, small enterprises in key sectors.

Participate and Commit to our Fund, contact us at:

We target to expand in key sectors and markets globally, bringing together extremely talented and highly experienced, competent executives and non-executives to form our board of directors and associates, to undertake successful corporate restructuring strategies and activities, inorganic growth, disruptive growth investing.
Leveraged buyouts to acquire established businesses in key sectors, creating added value for our ecosystem and mutually benefiting from their activities, thus upgrading revenue and profit margins for our group and holdings.

  • The participants will own shares of our holdings company.
  • Managing partner – limited partner agreements and structure can be implemented.
  • The holdings company structure requires sophistication that our highly experienced board of directors and associates are capable of.

The acquired companies will have a highly capable board of directors elected-hired by the holdings company management, to run the everyday operations.
We aim to increase our performance and competence in key sectors to reach our quality targets effectively, by researching and developing ventures and syndications, to expand beyond expectations.

Corporate Restructuring Strategies (M&A) Mid – Long Term Fund will allow us to expand, increase our revenue, market reach, and many more benefits, all without the risk of building a company from the start.
M&As structures are based on the businesses involved,i.e. horizontal merger is the process of a competitive company being part of our holdings or vertical mergers when we might buy a supplier (service of interest).
By spin-offs, we reduce our involvement in a business without stepping away. This involves restructuring to become its own standalone company which our holdings still have interest in the entity.

Our holdings company supervisory committee, bringing together extremely talented and highly experienced, competent executives and non-executives, associates-advisors, to undertake successful corporate restructuring strategies and activities as the main supervision board.

The key committee members and associates professional backgrounds, which gives us the advantage of power, for wise decision making, are Investment banking(corporate restructuring activities, negotiations, due diligence, etc.), traditional banking(private banking, business loan analysis, and planning-projections), financial analysts, accounting, marketing, human resources, communications and per industry CTOs and COOs.

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