Projects Team Participation

Projects Team Participation

Join Our Trailblazing Team: Passion Over Paper!

We’re on the lookout for bold individuals who don’t just have shiny resumes but radiate passion and untapped potential.

What We Value:

People Over Paper: Your story matters more than your degree. Dropouts, undergraduates, self-taught geniuses—we want the passionate minds hungry for success.

Grit and Guts: We cherish resilience, determination, and a hunger to learn. Your willingness to tackle challenges head-on is what will set you apart.

Unconventional Thinkers: We love those who brainstorm, question and bring fresh perspectives to the table.

  • Diverse Thinkers: Be part early to grow and become the legacy team with a melting pot of ideas, not just impressive CVs.
  • Hands-On Experience: We believe in learning by doing. Real-world projects, business development and startup economics challenges await you.

Who We’re Looking For:

Business Development Enthusiasts: If you see every challenge as an opportunity and every opportunity as a chance to innovate, you’re our kind of visionary.

Startup Aficionados: Startups are in our DNA. If you thrive in the fast-paced, ever-evolving startup environment, you’re one of us.

Economics Rebels: Economics is not just about numbers; it’s about creating impact. If you’re passionate about making economic waves, join us.

Why Join Us:

Partner, Not Employee: We’re not looking for staff; we’re inviting partners and shareholders who want to co-create success.

Shared Vision: Your vision aligns with ours? Great! Let’s build something extraordinary together.

Ownership and Impact: Be more than an observer—have a real impact on our direction and future.

About Us:

Mission: We are focused on GovTech contracts participation in Europe, project management outsourcing, and other tendering opportunities, leveraging our extensive network and expertise.

Blockchain Innovation: We’re pioneering the use of blockchain to tokenize assets along with accounting use cases , reflecting the value of our ecosystem through a managing Token holdings DAO contract and voting token.

Global Expansion: Our corporate restructuring and M&A strategies aim to acquire established businesses globally, creating added value for our ecosystem and enhancing revenue and profit margins.

What Sets Us Apart:

Experienced Team: Executives, non-executives, and workforce through our H.R.-freelance division.

Technological Advancements: We embrace R&D, trending technologies, and new ventures to diversify our project portfolio, with a focus on Blockchain .

GovTech Contracts: Derisked opportunities for revenue and profit through participation filling in GovTech contracts.

Strategic Growth: Our secondary phase of inorganic growth strategy is dedicated to M&A, rollups, and acquiring key sector businesses, projections of upgrading revenue and profit margins for our holdings.

How to Ignite Change:

Ready to step into a role that’s more than just a job title? Send a note to with the subject “Visionary Partner.” Share your passion, your vision, and why you believe in the power of startups and business development.

Let’s shape our global initiatives together!

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