Seed Funding Round Participation.

Seed Funding Round Participation.

The Proceeds to be used the most for govt contracts participation refundable guarantee checks.

We are open to various funding types, strategies, instruments and types of initial private seed funding.

In general the ideal initial seed partner, limited partner, can be a shareholder, provider, of loan combined with equity, equity, convertible, safe notes etc., in our managing entity and/or GovTech division U.K. entity .LTD and/or .LP to be under initialization, negotiable terms for the private initial phase partner- private initial funding, under thorough understanding and discussions.

Sectors of interest:

  • GovTech contracts participation in Europe, gov contracts supplies, project management-outsourcing, and other tendering opportunities due to our networking and expertise.(real world de risked activity bring immediate revenue and growth.
  • leveraging blockchain we aim to tokenize assets and holdings, to track activities, and reflect the value of the ecosystem and management as a whole, into its managing Token holdings DAO contract, as well as the managing VOTING token , Fractionalized ownership may be beneficial for future development scenarios.
  • corporate restructuring strategies, M&A -inorganic growth, to acquire established businesses in key sectors globally, creating added value for the ecosystem and mutually benefiting from their activities, thus upgrading revenue and profit margins for our group and holdings until future mid-long term exit markets scenario


  • 150+ years expert Board, execs, non execs, workforce and on demand through our H.R.-freelance, scientific, talent acquisition division.
  • R&D trending and new technologies building divisional ventures to diversify projects portfolio.
    use case for Blockchain and Taking advantage of A.I. GPT for our activities.
  • GovTech contracts participation that will bring instant revenue and healthy profit margins (derisked venture division).
  • Restructuring, inorganic growth team for M&A, rollups, group of shared interests companies building. Acquire established key sector businesses for added value, mutually benefiting from their activities in a group.
  • Upgrading revenue and profit margins for our holdings until future long term financial markets exit.
  • Crypto Exchange listing demand for our managing erc20 token to do an IEO & raising rounds if and once needed, to meet proper valuation projections.

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